Copy all your old Vinyl LPs, Cassettes & Minidiscs to a Windows PC using our transfer kit – 

one end plugs into the headphone socket on your player, the other to the 3.5mm Line-In or Mic socket on your PC.

Once the tracks are on your PC’s hard drive, you can burn them onto a regular audio CD or upload the MP3 tracks to your iTunes library and iPhone/iPad.

Kit contains all the leads, software, video tutorials and printed instructions required.

Using this kit you can:

• Transfer vinyl LPs and singles to your PC.

• Get all your old cassette tapes onto your PC.

• Convert all your Minidiscs to MP3.

• Burn your recordings onto regular audio CDs.

• Save captured audio files as MP3 files.

• Get all your old LPs & tapes onto your Apple iPad and iTunes.

• Transfer audio books & language tapes to a PC.

• Transfer from dictaphone microcassette & voice recorders to PC.

• Copy mix tapes from C60 and C90 cassettes to digital.

• Digitise & enhance old cassette tapes you have of family members.

• Record direct from mixing deck headphone output to PC.

• Remove scratches, tape motor noise, annoying pops & clicks.

Any source with a headphone socket can be recorded

(Please respect copyright)

Kit Includes:

1x 3.5mm stereo plug to plug lead.

1x 1/4 inch headphone jack plug to 3.5mm stereo socket adapter.

1x 2 phono RCA plugs to 3.5mm stereo socket.

Printed instructions

Tutorial video

Software DVD